For a cup of aromatic coffee
CAFEC is the original new brand from Sanyo Sangyo; the CAFEC brand was launched with a wish to want to provide many good products with a high functionality and designability to all coffee lovers at a reasonable price.
ARITA Ware - Made in Arita, Japan
“Flower dripper” was developed for a cup of aromatic rich taste coffee.
We, as the manufacturer of coffee filter paper who developed the cone-shaped filter paper at the very beginning in the world, wanted to make a coffee dripper which can enrich the taste of coffee then developed “Flower dripper” at last after many years of study.
Abaca Cone-Shaped Filter Paper
The Abaca Cone-Shaped Filter Paper is the both-sided crepe paper made by non-wood "Abaca"; it is highly breathable, supple and strong.
CAFEC Products for Your Rich Coffee Time
Enjoy your coffee time with CAFEC products!