For a cup of aromatic coffee
CAFEC is the original new brand from Sanyo Sangyo; the CAFEC brand was launched with a wish to want to provide many good products with a high functionality and designability to all coffee lovers at a reasonable price.
 Sanyo Sangyo Co., Ltd, as the pioneer of coffee related tools who developed the cone-shaped filter paper first in the world, launched its  own brand "CAFEC" to incorporate the wish that "want to provide a cup of  loving and delicious coffee to all coffee lovers".
 We will continue to provide many exciting products higher in functionality and designablity keeping this wish in mind in the future too.
Abaca Cone-Shaped Filter Paper
The Abaca Cone-Shaped Filter Paper is the both-sided crepe paper made by non-wood "Abaca"; it is highly breathable, supple and strong.
ARITA Ware - Made in Arita, Japan
“Flower dripper” was developed for a cup of aromatic rich taste coffee.
We, as the manufacturer of coffee filter paper who developed the cone-shaped filter paper at the very beginning in the world, wanted to make a coffee dripper which can enrich the taste of coffee then developed “Flower dripper” at last after many years of study.
softly and carefully...
 We have our own roasting technology.
 And we roast commissioned coffee beans  and specialty coffee.
CAFEC Products for Your Rich Coffee Time
Enjoy your coffee time with CAFEC products!